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  • Project: Residental object
  • Status: Concept design and Main project
  • Location: Tivat,Montenegro
  • Autors: Branko Lutovac, Ana Micic
  • Associates: Dijana Perovic, Andjela Grdinic
  • Year: 2022
  • Total area: 522.79 m2

An impressive luxury residential object was designed in Donja Lastva - picturesque settlement of Boka Bay. The significant slope of the terrain, as well as the fact that the location is in a rarely urbanized area, rich in greenery, generate the idea of creating an emphasized connection between the natural context and the built space. For this reason, the building is cascaded across the location, along with its surrounding landscaping. The modern layout of the house, with straight lines and large openings, is positioned between green cascades shaped by traditional Luštica stone that overcome the slope. The building divided the yard into two parts, the front part which is an integral part of the street facade and the first impression of the building - the pedestal on which the building itself is located and the inner part. The inner part of the courtyard brings the private, colorful atmosphere of the inner atrium, which cascades down into the building, giving the space fluidity and canceling the boundaries between interior and exterior space. An extravagant portal with arches was added to the harmonious spatial composition, which completed and further unified the space. The elegant portal, in addition to the function of shading the front large openings, brings a new layer of experience to the composition by imitating the traditional form and interpreting it in a modern light.