• Project: Residential object
  • Status: Idea solution and main project
  • Location: Bogisici, Tivat
  • Autors: Branko Lutovac, Ana Micic
  • Associates: Gojko Mitrovic, Mirjana Ardalic, Srdjan Lutovac
  • Year: 2020
  • Total area: 237 m2

The location is in the rural area of ​​the Luštica peninsula, in the settlement of Bogišići, on flat terrain and is surrounded by green areas of tall vegetation.

The views of the sea are released from the location only from a height of 3-4 m from the ground level. The starting idea for the concept is for the building to have the best possible views of the sea from the upper floor, and at the same time to fit into the overall picture of the settlement with its fragmented form.

Since the “odrina” is a recognizable element of the form of traditional houses of this region, it was used on this building in the pergola variant.

The idea is to layer the house horizontally into two parts, the ground floor and the first floor, in such a way that the pergola is the border. Thus, the ground floor gets sun protection for both the terrace and the parking lot, while the first floor receives a visual courtyard accentuated by the penetration of tall greenery through the pergola. The ground floor thus becomes a house with a yard and a pergola in the greenery, while the first floor visually becomes a ground floor building with a sea view.

The living rooms are located on the ground floor and the bedrooms are upstairs. By breaking the form into two elements and their mutual connection, it was achieved that each bedroom has a sea view. By spatially positioning the kitchen, it was obtained that it can serve both the southern and northern gardens on the ground floor. Thus, the user has the full comfort of staying on one of the terraces depending on the position of the sun and the time of day.

The ground floor of the building is mostly glazed on the southwest side in order to provide as free views as possible from the living room and dining room to the surrounding greenery, garden and pool. On the ground floor, the dining room is glazed on 3 sides, and has views of the garden. This treatment of the dining room achieves the feeling of being outdoors, regardless of the weather and season, which allows the user to use the comfort and get closer to nature, which in this part is extremely untouched (feeling of being in the woods).

Another ground floor element that is particularly treated is the fireplace located in the living room. On both sides around the fireplace are positioned glass fixes that separate the stone fireplace from the other walls, opening the views to the outside, so that the user has a feeling of being in nature like staying by a campfire.

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