• Project: Residential business object
  • Status: Idea solution and main project
  • Location: Tivat,Montenegro
  • Autors: Branko Lutovac, Ana Micic
  • Year: 2019
  • Total area: 200m2

The specific location of the building, which extends to the sea shore on one side while bordering the promenade on the other, required a double treatment of the building relative to the side to which it emerges. It was necessary to create an object that would suit the living space on the seafront, while its other side should satisfy the seriousness that the business along with the promenade carries with it.An attempt was made to bring these two functions together by selecting the material on the facade.

The part towards the promenade is lined with broken stone in the traditional style, while the residential part, the part towards the sea is emphasized with white horizons which give the object a visually lighter structure.The complete visual unit was obtained by permeating white horizontals through the stone part of the building.When positionin the object,the goal was to get the best possible views of the Boka Bay.Given the specificity of the location, this was achieved by positioning the openings, living room and terrace towards the beach and the sea.

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