• Project: Square with promenade Pristan – 2nd prize for zone 1 and zone 2
  • Status: competition
  • Location: Ulcinj
  • Client: Ulcinj Municipality
  • Authors: Branko Lutovac, Jasmina Salkovic, Jelena Rabrenovic, Gojko Mitrović
  • Contributors: /
  • Year of design: 2015
  • Total area


With the design of the square, the goal was to reach the larger free surface that would have square attributes.Since public life takes place in front of the mosque but also on the beach, the goal was to expand the square capacity to the beach by introducing the theatrical staircase.It primarily becomes a means of integrating two public areas, but at the same time the amphitheater, the holiday zone, an integral part of the square.With the achieved solution, the goal was to achieve the functional and visual unity of the square.Functional unity is achieved when a road that cuts off the square stops to perform its function (time-limited traffic) and becomes an integral part of the square.

The square becomes a static place. Visual unity is achieved by the symbiosis of several elements, starting from the identical treatment of the paved square, the road and the stairs. New objects on the square are formatted so that they are read as one (elements of an object co-operate with elements of the other rather than elements on the same object).


The program assignment was requested to design the P + 3 floor plans on the given urban plots with their facade on the seafront promenade.

There are different widths in the street front, so their role in the formation of the street front should be different.

In this disintegrated and crowded environment, the further continuation of shaping the form and the different treatment of the façade would lead to the continuation of such an ambience.

As a contrasting form on this backdrop, a compact structure is applied, with a uniform façade and color treatment.

With such treatment a set of different objects is read as a form that in a given space becomes more dominant than the environment.

Particular attention is paid to the treatment of a high ground which was drawn with a glass facade to the promenade, so that a wider promenade was provided and the guests of the premises had free access to the open sea.


This area includes a promenade leading from the square to the walls of the old town, which continues by a panoramic lift to the old town of Ulcinj.

On this path, a visitor must be provided with a visual drama and experience, in contrast to the peaceful panoramic view of the sea ​​horizon.

Relying on the tradition of greening the canopy element, it has been translated in a modern way, in the form of vertical poles, rods that “dance” greenery along the entire zone. The culmination of the experience takes place around the city gallery, whose position on the promenade is justified by the need to activate this zone, and parcels have also played a part in it.

There is a possibility that the art setting overflows into a part of the extérieur, by forming a small plate in front of the building.

The quality of the spatial concept of the gallery is in solving the roof, where a “frame in the sky” is given, framing the image of the old city and spoiling it in a constant setting of the gallery.

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