• Project: Residential object
  • Status: Idea solution and main project
  • Location: Bogisici, Tivat
  • Autors: Branko Lutovac, Ana Micic
  • Associates: Srdjan Lutovac, Gojko Mitrovic, Mirjana Ardalic
  • Year: 2020
  • Total area: 335 m2

The idea is to place the semi-detached house under one roof. However, the treatment of the roof gives an identity to the architecture, ie the house located in the forest. The roof is solved in a way that holes are made through which the greenery will permeate. Thus, the structure of the semi-detached house will break down and fit into the green ambience. The roof thus becomes lighter, the greenery drawn into the building and the contact of nature and the user of the building becomes complete. The roof is sloping with a tile finish, which in combination with penetrations and greenery achieves a good fit into the existing ambience.

There are bedrooms on the first floor, and since the sea view is achievable from that floor, the shape of the building is adapted to achieve the best possible views. The location is narrow in shape and has a narrower view of the sea, which is why part of the first floor is cantilevered sideways to capture views.

There are no sea views from the ground floor, but the quality of living in the greenery is emphasized. The living room is positioned to face the south and north gardens. Next to the southern garden there is a swimming pool surrounded by tall vegetation located around the plot. The northern garden functionally divided the building into two parts, so that it became a meeting point, and at the same time a buffer zone between the two residential units.

The northern garden is suitable for organizing events when the strong western sun prevents a pleasant stay in the southern garden. The bedrooms also have a view and contact with the north garden, especially accentuated by glass parts and tall vegetation whose canopy is directly connected to the first floor. A special corner on the first floor is in the hallway where the library is located, from which the glass facade offers views of the canopy tree.

The facade towards the street is paved so that the ground floor is freed from the openings, while a buffer zone of greenery is formed on the first floor, which creates privacy and reduces the noise coming from the street.

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